Globalstar GSP-1600 Review
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The GSP-1600 provides easy access to satellite voice and data services, including Internet and e-mail access, voicemail, incoming Short Messages, and position location. A complete accessory range allows for installation in vehicles, vessels and portable docking kits. Globalstar provides true inter-operability for the public and private sectors to communicate within and across agencies, jurisdictions via voice, data, or video-on-demand, in real-time, when needed, and as authorized. Personnel can quickly, and clearly, coordinate with co-workers when terrestrial networks are down.

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Key Features

  • Powered by 100% satellite technology – Works where cell phones don’t
  • Crystal-clear voice quality – No “tunnel sound” or voice delay during conversation like the competition
  • Utilizes Globalstar’s fastest data speeds – 4X faster than any other mobile satellite company and getting faster every day (9600 hotspot required, sold separately)
  • Lowest-priced airtime plans
  • United States based phone number – Direct dialing of 911 services right out of the box

GSP-1600 Services Includes

  • Crystal-clear voice quality
  • Voice Mail Services
  • Data Services
  • Incoming Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Display Position Location Information

Technical Specifications


  • 6.97”H X 2.24”W X 1.89”D (177MM X 57MM X 48MM)


  • 13.55oz (384g)